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Blazing a 'Well-Lit' Trail  

Pioneer Outdoor Lighting provides custom Landscape Lighting Design and Installation in the Brainerd Lakes Area and beyond. We take great pride in using the most efficient and long lasting lighting systems to create warmth, beauty, and security.

Highlighting a property's best features, illuminating unique landscapes and architectures using low-volt landscape lighting. 

Working closely with our customers we create the desired lighting effects for any property. Making sure each design and installation showcases a homes character with dramatic lighting affects using top of the line solid brass, copper and stainless steel landscape lighting products. Creatively adding shadows of depth, lighting focal points and unique architectural features. -What we enjoy best at Pioneer Outdoor Lighting is seeing the happiness and enjoyment of our customers as they discover their new extended living space with new custom lighting.

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Pioneer Outdoor Lighting is proud to specialize in LED.
LED lights are more reliable, efficient, and last longer than others. As we are able to work with tradition Halogen lighting we encourage and promote the use of LED do to it uses roughly 75% less electricity as conventional 12 volt lighting systems. Go Green!

Let us help you and everyone else see your home and landscapes in a whole new light.  Enhance your home investments with unique, distinctive Pioneer Outdoor Lighting.

Located in the Brainerd Lakes Area servicing all of central Minnesota. 
Including outside areas such as the Twin Cities, Fargo and western Wisconsin.


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