New design and installation.  Improving an existing system.  Service and repair.

Pioneer Outdoor Lighting provides the individual attention and focus you won't find anywhere else. Not only do we create lighting solutions for any outdoor setting, Pioneer Outdoor Lighting's experience truly shows with professional, clean and careful installations. You won't even know we were there!

Landscape lighting can be both functional and aesthetic. From providing safety with illuminating steps, sidewalks, driveways, pools and patios to adding security with lighting dark areas around a property. We also create subtle accent lighting in landscapes and gardens, on trees, walls, water features and architectures with cost efficient  "GREEN"  LED, or traditional Halogen landscape lighting.

New designs

Pioneer Outdoor Lighting will design a lighting system that fits right in with your style and needs. Choosing the correct lighting technique, using the latest and best lighting products. Working with homeowners, landscapers, or builders we provide results that are above and beyond what you ever imagined.

Improving an existing system

We believe any system can be enhanced and improved.
Whether redesigning, adding on, or updating and adjusting  an existing system we are happy to work with our customers to produce the most beautiful results possible. We enjoy the challenge of transforming any existing system, or one in "need of help" into something to be proud of.

Service and Repair

We pride ourselves in providing PROFESSIONAL and PROMPT service. We are extremely efficient and are able to work on any Low-volt lighting system. While servicing a system we adjust, straighten, and clean fixtures, along with checking timers and voltages. Let us give your lighting system a "tune up".